Thursday, October 25, 2012

Canvas Painting - Step by Step

Start with a 16"x20" blank canvas

 Add the background colors.  Draw on the images.

 Begin painting the images.

 Look a giraffe!

 He needs an elephant friend!

They are fast friends.

 The more the merrier!

 Time for spots!

 Awww, aren't I getting cuter by the minute?

 Some grass and a flower...

 It's a jungle out there!

 Changed the stripe up just a bit...there, that's better!

 More leaves...

 A flower in the monkey's hair and more details...

 Something is missing...

 Ahhh, there are our happy faces!

Congratulations to the special mom and new baby!
(and to the awesome Grandma who purchased this painting! Thank you!)

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