Friday, November 16, 2012

How To Paint a Wine Bottle

So how do I paint the wine bottles? 

From this:

 To this:

Step 1:  Drink WINE.

Step 2: Drink more WINE.

Step 3: Peel of the labels.  They can be tricky.  I spray mine with Lysol Kitchen Spray (magic in a bottle), let it sit, then wipe off.

Step 4: Wash the bottle, inside and out.

Step 5: Use a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol to make sure any residue is gone.

Step 6: Prime with Gesso.

Step 7:  Basecoat with acrylic paint.  I have the best luck with Ceramcoat. It is thicker, and doesn't require several applications.  I usually do 2-3 though.

Step 8: Paint any design you want. If you've had too much wine and are more comfortable with stencils, you could try these:

Step 9:  Paint a couple layers of protective sealer.  I use this:

Step 10:  Skip Steps 1-9 if you would rather just drink more wine...

... and purchase one here instead:
Anton Murals

So...are you going to paint or drink wine?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Personalized Canvas Painting

This canvas painting was done for a dear friend to match a child's bedding.  It began with a blank 16" x 20" white canvas.  I often remember to take pictures after I have already begun a project. Enjoy!

In the next picture I thought I would try stripes behind the name.
Nope, changed my mind. I liked it better without.  So I repainted the navy blue.
That is the beauty of painting. You can't make a mistake!

Voila! Matched the bedroom theme and purchased bedding!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Personalized Painting for Colts in Tennessee

Here is a special order I painted last week. Have you considered hand painted gifts for a teacher? These gifts are one-of-a-kind! Please click the "Hand Painted Items" link to the right, or go HERE for my other online store featuring lots of hand painted signs, canvas paintings, wine glasses, mugs, and more!

I digress...back to what I painted last week and will mail tomorrow! This is a gift for a child's teacher. The school mascot is Colts, so I painted a horseshoe. It is an elementary school, so their colors are blue and green. What awesome colors! I always had red and black growing up. Now I am raising my three daughters in a town with guess which colors? Yes, red and black! Ha. Well, at least the UNI Panthers are PURPLE! Similar to some elementary schools in Cedar Falls, the buyer's school is focusing on the Seven Habits of Effective Kids by Steven Covey. I hope the teacher and students love this painting! It was fun to create this special order!

Special thanks for the wonderful buyer!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Canvas Painting - Step by Step

Start with a 16"x20" blank canvas

 Add the background colors.  Draw on the images.

 Begin painting the images.

 Look a giraffe!

 He needs an elephant friend!

They are fast friends.

 The more the merrier!

 Time for spots!

 Awww, aren't I getting cuter by the minute?

 Some grass and a flower...

 It's a jungle out there!

 Changed the stripe up just a bit...there, that's better!

 More leaves...

 A flower in the monkey's hair and more details...

 Something is missing...

 Ahhh, there are our happy faces!

Congratulations to the special mom and new baby!
(and to the awesome Grandma who purchased this painting! Thank you!)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

How to Build a Snowman

How to Build a Snowman - the Shelly way...
 First, obtain a large, old barn board.  The beginning...

 Look, Mom, I have hands!

 Brrr, I need a hat!

 I like red and green!

 ...and, of course, a carrot nose!

 More shading...

 Winter makes my cheeks so rosy!

 Something is missing..

 Ah, yes, my eyes and a cheerful smile!

 Gee, I wish it would snow...

 Look! It is snowing!


 Sorry, I already found a wonderful home!

But, I have some snowy friends that need a home.
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